Omnicare has partnered with eHealth, Inc. to develop the OmniPlanFinder tool that identifies the most cost-effective prescription drug plan and simplifies the Medicare enrollment process. Through the partnership, Omnicare customers will benefit from:

  • Innovative, cost-saving solutions for residents
  • Greater visibility into projected annual prescription drug costs and coverage details by resident, by plan
  • Identification of prescription plans that cover most or all of the residents' medications
  • Full integration with Omnicare's Omniview and MyOmniview customer portals, streamlining the evaluation experience
  • Dedicated staff support and resources focused on educating residents during Medicare enrollment

How to Use OmniPlanFinder Today

For current customers, caregivers and residents utilizing OmniView, please click to be directed to Omniview and MyOmniview now.

Facility staff can also see a quick walkthrough of how to load residents' medications in the OmniPlanFinder tool with the Rx Resident Profile.
For residents that don’t have access to MyOmniView, please click here and be directed to the OmniPlanFinder tool directly.

For new facilities, please click here to contact us online today and discuss how to best use OmniPlanFinder at your facility or call us directly at 888-545-6664.

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