Discharge to Home

Ensure no disruptions in medication therapy.

Discharge to Home is a new service by Omnicare, the long-term care pharmacy services division of CVS Health, intended to assist those being discharged from an Omnicare serviced skilled nursing home, hospital or long-term care facility. Prescription medications that have been filled and clinically reviewed by Omnicare, are eligible for the Discharge to Home program.

The Discharge to Home program provides:

  • A home supply of all prescribed medication
  • Printed medication management instructions
  • Optional phone call with a clinical pharmacist

Enroll today and enjoy the peace of mind and convenience of Discharge to Home.

Adhering to the discharge medication plan prescribed by your doctor is critical for safety and reducing risk of readmission. If you or a loved one are currently being treated in an Omnicare serviced facility, speak to your facility’s nursing staff to see if Discharge to Home would be an option for you.

Discharge to Home

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